Our History

About Us

In the late 80's we recognized a growing demand in Bali for restaurants of international standard. At that time we were faced with the lack of decent, hygienic restaurants that could cater guests of our Travel Division, Lotus Asia tours. We thought long and hard how to spoil our customers. We sought to create an ambience of elegance, built upon Indonesia's rich cultural heritage, and of course lotus flowers should surround all our Restaurants.

Our menu should combine flavors of the orient and the occident. So we created our motto: "The Best Recipes From Around The World". We wanted to create a restaurant that would cater to the various preferences of different family members whereby those who would prefer to stick to the known could have a traditional steak & fries where the more adventurous family members could try out some local cuisine. Naturally, our pizzas and pastas have proven to be "hits" among our younger visitors. Our diversified menus are also highly successful with large functions or parties, satisfying the divers tastes of our guests.


Our Food...

South East Asia has been known for centuries for the exciting flavors of its cuisine and for its distinct hospitality. Here the preparation of meals and the treatment of guests have been developed into an art - a treasure of South East Asia's unique cultures.

We at Lotus Restaurants build upon this tradition and combine it with our concept of bringing you the best recipes from around the world. In our restaurants you can embark on a culinary journey around the world without leaving your table. Our broad selection of meals comprises:

· Asian delight such as Thai Soups, Balinese Chicken, Singapore Crabs and Japanese Teriyaki
· European highlights such as French Tournedos, Italian Pasta and pizzas plus Mediterranean specialties
·other world cuisine treasures such as Japanese Tempura, Caesar Salad and Indian Samosas and many more.

To avoid chain monotony, every restaurant has a different menus even if our "best sellers" can be found in all our outlets. We carefully select seafood, fresh meat & poultry, nutritious vegetables and healthy dairy products to be used for preparing our meals. We adhere to the highest standards in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.